Applied Controls UK Ltd.

Applied Controls UK Ltd. has no allegiance to any specific control system manufacturer and is therefore able to specify optimum solutions to control problems without being restricted to the offerings of any one supplier. Furthermore, the skill sets within the company extend beyond the boundaries of the control equipment itself and encompass a range of engineering disciplines including kinematics and mechanical design.

Automation projects have been undertaken in a number of industries but most notably in the field of packaging where the use of Beckhoff control equipment, specifically, has been found to provide a broad range of solutions across a variety of machine functions. This equipment includes the use of servomotors, stepper motors, temperature control and the Beckhoff extended transport system (XTS) in order to solve the generic control problems of tension control, gearing, camming, registration control and product handling.

Touchscreen HMI installations have been undertaken using Visual Basic programs which are able to combine with the above control system in order to produce a totally integrated package.

Legacy equipment using Quin Control Systems can be supported.

Systems using Siemens Motion Control and Misubishi PLC equipment have also been undertaken.