Applied Controls UK Ltd.

The background experience at Applied Controls UK Ltd. has been gained over many years and having undertaken a number of application projects in a range of industries around the world. In the course of this work, control systems and solutions have been proposed and developed to suit the needs of the specific customers.

Applied Controls UK Ltd. is able to call on this experience in order to evaluate solutions to new and varied problems. The field of Industrial Control is a dynamic one with new technology and products becoming regularly available. Applied Controls UK Ltd. keeps abreast of such developments and is able to incorporate such knowledge in proposed solutions to customers' problems.

With no affiliation to any one supplier and with the ability to develop bespoke solutions in-house, Applied Controls UK Ltd. is able provide unbiased solutions by putting the problem first, rather than trying to take existing control products and make them fit the problem. This approach results in the best technical solution and allows the full needs of the customer to be met without compromise. Where there is a conflict between performance and cost, Applied Controls UK Ltd. is able to offer alternative solutions.

Applied Controls UK Ltd. is able to provide a full range of consultancy services, analysing a given problem and preparing cost-effective proposals and specifications. Should such work then proceed beyond an initial investigation, Applied Controls UK Ltd. is able to offer the subsequent engineering and commissioning and thereby provide a complete package.