Applied Controls UK Ltd.

As part of a dynamic product pick and place system, Applied Controls UK Ltd. developed a control system for a 4-axis Delta robot. Product tracking on pick-up and placing were required in order to cleanly transfer the product and to minimise the overall cycle time. The motion profiles within the robotic cycle included a product collation and re-orientation.

A Beckhoff control system was used in order to allow the robot and the additional equipment to be controlled through one system, thereby avoiding the need to integrate discrete systems via a separate comms channel. The Beckhoff inverse kinematic and point to point motion routines were employed.

Fine-tuning of the control loops ensured accurate and dynamic movements of the robot. Automatic phase-advancing was applied to any time-dependent (pneumatic operations) to ensure that the system remained synchronised, irrespective of cycle speed.

Applied Controls UK Ltd. is able to undertake similar Delta robot applications, calling on the flexibility and dynamics afforded by the Beckhoff control system package.